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Big British Bikes of the 50s and 60s

In the 1950s and '60s the British motorcycle industry was at its postwar peak, with its large-capacity high-performance bikes in strong demand all over the world. AJS/Matchless, BSA, Norton, Royal Enfield and Triumph were all making 100mph-plus big twins, with the king of them all, at least into the 1950s, being the mighty1000cc Vincents, while among the ton-up singles were the BSA Gold Star and the Velocette Venom and Thruxton

Book- Ducati Bevel Twins 1971- 1986

Ducati Bevel Twins 1971- 1986. Authenticity & Restoration Guide

Continental Circus

Continental Circus written by the late Ted Mellors.

Cotton Motor Company of Gloucester

The rise and fall of a Gloucester motorcycle company.

Motocycles, Sidecars & Cyclecars, 1915 - Victor Wilfred Pagé (

Book-Motocycles, Sidecars & Cyclecars, 1915 - Victor Wilfred Pagé Hardback(

Motor Bicycle Building, 1906 - Paul Hasluck (

Book-Motor Bicycle Building, 1906 - Paul Hasluck Hardback (

Motorcycle Racing with the Continental Circus 1920 to 1970

A fascinating history of Continental motorcycle racing, from the pre-war period through to the 1970s, this book details the British riders and privateers from around the world, who earned their living competing in races and events on the circuits of Europe – for the racers an exciting and nomadic existence, known as the ‘Continental Circus.’

Motor-Cycling For Women, 1928 - B & N Debenham (

A Book for the Lady Driver, Sidecar Passenger and Pillion Rider

Motorcycling in the '50s

A Veloce Classic Reprint.

Motorcycling: An Illustrated Social History

In the 120 years of their existence, motorcycles have been used as a means of basic and affordable transport, for work and play, in war and peace and in all kinds of sport and competition. Whilst many books look at the history of particular marques or types of motorcycle, in this book the author turns his readers’ attention to the social history of motorcycling.

Motorcyclist's Handbook, 1911 - Phoenix & Chas S Lake (

Book- Motorcyclist's Handbook, 1911 - Phoenix & Chas S Lake Hardback(

Racing Line

Racing Line is the story of big-bike racing in Britain during the 1960s – when the British racing single reached its peak; when exciting racing unfolded at circuits across the land every summer; and when Britain took its last great generation of riding talent and engineering skill to the world.