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Ken Sprayson In Colour - Ken Sprayson (VMCC Limited)

The Sprayson Selection Vol. 2
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Ken Sprayson In Colour

VMCC Limited

Ken Sprayson’s skill with the welding torch is matched by his prowess as a photographer. The second album of Ken’s photography is a highly personal view of the TT races in the 1960’s and 70’s with the emphasis on the personalities rather than the racing. Ken’s almost unique ability to be in the right place at the right time and his obvious close rapport with the riders of those times comes over loud and clear in the 90-plus pages of colour photography that catch the spirit and the atmosphere of the period to perfection through his sense of timing and his ‘eye’ for a good picture. Almost all your heroes are here, portrayed in Ken’s inimitable style – get your copy now, there has been but a limited print run. Sprayson in Colour is the companion to Kens original work, The Sprayson Selection published in 2003 which covered the years 1955-1962.



96 pages

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