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Funky Mopeds

A celebration of the sports moped charting the history of a genre created unwittingly by the government in 1972 and killed off by more legislation five years later. This book recaptures the spirit of happy and carefree times and looks at the bikes that gave freedom and mobility to a generation. If you're red-blooded and somewhere between 35 and 50 the chances are that your first bike was a sports moped. This book takes you on a nostalgic full throttle trip back to the heady days of the 1970s and early 80s when these fabulous little superbikes were available to 16-year-olds. Packed with photos from past and present, this book will revive wonderful memories of the machines, the people, the fashions, and even the music of the time. Includes coverage of AJW, Batavus, Casal, Cimatti, Derbi, Fantic, Flandria, Garelli, Gilera, Gitane, Honda, Kreidler, KTM, Malaguti, Motobecane, Negrini, NVT, Puch, Suzuki, Testi, Yamaha and Zundapp. Charts the extraordinary rise of the sports moped in the 1970s and early 80s Fascinating detail on a huge number of machines Owners recollections Social history too, music and fashions of the era Superbikes for 16 year olds! A nostalgic road trip through history

J.A.P. Le Vacks Legacy

The largest supplier of proprietary motorcycle engines in the world, J. A. Prestwich & Co (aka JAP), decided to go racing with something unique in 1922. In a matter of weeks, a small team headed by Val Page, aided by Herbert Le Vack, had produced a radical new design – the first British double-overhead-camshaft motorcycle racing engine. With this amazingly advanced engine fitted to a New Imperial frame, Le Vack stunned his competitors at the 1922 Isle of Man TT. From then on the engine and its successors proved invincible – breaking numerous National and World Records over a four-year period. Yet the subsequent world recession, and a world war, consigned these achievements to memory and eventually bestowed upon them an almost mythological status. JAP’s engineering archives were discarded, and the handful of engines made might well have been lost too had it not been for a series of enthusiasts. In Le Vack’s Legacy, Brian Thorby traces the fortunes of the small number of JAP racing engines and parts that have wandered Europe for nearly a century. Much has been written and illustrated about JAP ohv Speedway and V-twin engines, but almost nothing about their unconventional double-overhead-camshaft brothers – until now. This authoritative new account finally puts aside the myths and sets the record straight.

Suzuki Motorcycles - The Classic Two-Stoke Era

The definitive history of the two-stroke Suzukis, from little known machines hardly seen outside Japan to the triples that took on the world. The book covers all major markets and uses stunning contemporary photography gathered from all over the world to help owners and enthusiasts establish authenticity or simply take a trip down memory lane. Researched and written in Japan with the full co-operation of the factory, here in definitive detail is the story of the two-stroke Suzuki bikes – a series of models that put the company on the map, helping it to survive a difficult era that saw hundreds of Japanese motorcycle makers reduced to just four. Successful immediately, the two-stroke models defended Suzuki's honour on the tracks as well as in the showrooms, handing the company numerous world championship titles. The series has now been all but killed off, but this title helps celebrate an era when the two-stroke was king, concentrating on the 1950s through to the late-1970s.

The JAP Story

The JAP Story Book

The Kawasaki Triples Bible

The Kawasaki Triples Bible covers the entire production of three-cylinder two-strokes from ’68 to ’80. A year-by-year breakdown of bike specs and information covering all models, makes this an invaluable resource for any collector, restorer, or fan of these fabulous two-stroke motorcycles. New in paperback, The Kawasaki Triples Bible covers the entire production of three cylinder two-strokes from 1968 to 1980, featuring a year-by-year breakdown of bike specs, including the KH250, 350 S2, KH400, H1 500 and H2 750 models. Illustrated with hundreds of archive photographs and period adverts, plus personal memories from some of the racers and tuners who got the best from the fearsome H1R 500 and H2R machines in Europe and the USA, as well as road riders who owned the triples back in the 70s. There are technical tips and advice from experienced Kawasaki triple enthusiasts and club members worldwide, plus information from some early dealers in the Kawasaki marque. The book also contains useful advice on spares availability, tuning, future market values etc, and tries to capture the essence of what made the Kawasaki triples the most rebellious, kick-ass two-strokes of their time. This unique book is an invaluable resource for any collector, restorer, or just a fan of these fabulous two-stroke motorcycles. Model-by-model technical info; colours, chassis improvements, key engine developments All road triples in profile, from 250 to 75 Notes on collectable and exceptionally rare models Archive photographs and period advertising Personal memories from triple owners A look at the Coupe Kawasaki France and UK KH400 race series Technical history from those who raced and tuned the H1R and H2R race machines Notes on colour and specification changes for various international markets

The Triumph Tiger Cub Bible

The definitive history of the popular Triumph Tiger Cub Motorcycle is back in print after a long absence. This is the ultimate reference source book for all Tiger Cub owners and enthusiasts.

The Triumph Trophy Bible

Complete year-by-year history of the Trophy (and unit construction Tiger) twins from 1949 to 1983. Includes original factory model photos, technical specifications, colour schemes, engine & frame numbers, model type identification and details of Trophy & Tiger achievements. The complete source book. Back in print after a long absence, The Triumph Trophy Bible is the complete year-by-year history of the Trophy (and unit construction Tiger) twins from 1949 to 1983. It includes original factory model photos, technical specifications, colour schemes, engine and frame numbers, model type identification, and details of Trophy and Tiger achievements. As a long-time employee at Triumph’s Meriden factory, Harry Woolridge shares his knowledge and expertise to provide the complete source book for Triumph Trophy owners and enthusiasts. Definitive history of Triumph's famous Trophy and (unit construction) Tiger twin-cylinder motorcycles from 1943 until the end of production in 1983 Very popular at home and abroad, over 113,000 of these bikes were sold Coverage includes individual model specifications, colour schemes, engine & frame numbers, build totals, model type identification and much more 144 pages and over 130 illustrations (mainly factory originals for maximum authenticity) Covers Triumph TR5, TR6, TR5A/C, T100S/C, T100C, TR7 & TR5T The author worked at Triumph's Meriden factory from 1953 until 1983 This is the 'Bible' for those seeking information about the Trophy & Tiger

Triumph 650 & 750 Twins

Bonneville, Tiger, Trophy & Thunderbird

Ducati Desmodue The Complete Story from Pantah to Scrambler

Ducati Desmodue The Complete Story from Pantah to Scrambler

Hinkley Triumphs - The First Generation

Book- Hinkley Triumphs: The First Generation - David Clarke Hardback(Crowood)

Morgan Three Wheeler (Book)

Book- Morgan Three-Wheeler: The Complete Story - Peter Miller Hardback (Crowood)

The Essential Buyers Guide- Honda SOHC Fours

C8350, C8400F, C8500, C8550, C8550F, C8550K, C8650, C8750, C8750A, C8750F, C8750K 1969-1984

The Essential Buyers Guide- Norton Commando

Covers MkI, MkII, MkIIA, MkIII, MkIV & MkV 1963-1978

Triumph M/C Restoration

Book- Triumph M/C Restoration:John Rosamond

Triumph Pre-Unit Twins

Book- Triumph Pre-Unit Twins - Matthew Vale Hardback(Crowood)

Villiers Everybody's Engine

Book- Villiers: Everybody's Engine - Rob Carrick & Mick Walker Softback (Redline Books)

Moto MV Agusta (Book)

Moto MV Agusta Book

The Essential Buyer's Guide - Ducati Desmoquattro Twins - 851, 888, 916, 996, 998, ST4, 1988 to 2004

The Essential Buyer's Guide - Ducati Desmoquattro Twins - 851, 888, 916, 996, 998, ST4, 1988 to 2004

BSA Singles Gold Portfolio 1945-1963

Road tests, Touring, Model Introductions, Sidecar Reports, Tuning, Performance Data, Starfire Scrambler, Catalina, Sports Star, Gold Star, Super Sports, 250, 350, 500, 600

British Motor Scooters

This is a book about 43 British types of Scooter manufactured between 1946 and 1970, by 25 UK manufacturers