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A Life Awheel

A veteran motoring journalist’s extraordinary life, told through delightfully eccentric stories and charming diary extract. This unique book is packed with fascinating stories about classic cars and motorcycles, set in a bygone world, and properly fixed in time.

A Stupid Thing To DO/An Alpine Thing To Do

SPECIAL OFFER buy both books written by Noel Whittall at a bargain price.

An Alpine Thing to Do

An Alpine Thing to Do- Noel Whittall

Book- Stanley Woods

Biography On Stanley Woods, Looking at the Life, Time and Achievements.

Derbyshire's Motorcycle Maestros

Derbyshire's Motorcycle Maestros

Edward Turner: The Man Behind the Motorcycles

The deeply researched biography of the man who was probably the most important individual in the history of the British motorcycle industry. Designer of "The Best Motorcycle in the World". Records details of all the world famous motorcycles designed by Edward Turner.

Motorcycle Apprentice Matchless - In name and reputation

Reprinted after a long absence!

Motorcycle GP Racing in the 1960s

Motorcycle GP Racing in the 1960s

Only Bounders Ride Motorcycles

Spanning one hundred years of family motorcycling, this is the story of a Father and Son and the pleasure and satisfaction they have derived from man's basic conception of the internal combustion engine.

Sox - Gary Hocking - The Forgotten World Motorcycle Champion

Until now, Gary Hocking was the only World Motorcycle Champion of his era without a book dedicated to his life. This book reveals Gary’s life in Rhodesia, how he was helped to become a World Champion, his dedication, and retirement at a young age – and the accident that cost him his life.

A Stupid Thing To Do! - Noel Whitall (Propagator Press)

Book- A Stupid Thing To Do! - Noel Whitall Softback (Propagator Press)

Being There: An Autobiography by Hugh Anderson

Being There: An Autobiography by Hugh Anderson. Softback