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John Bull Knee Grips

Pair of John Bull No.3 Knee Grips. As fitted to Rudge-Whitworth, Brough Superior, AJS, Matchless etc models from about 1922-1934. Embossed 'Brit.Pat.163211'

Knee Grips (pair) AJS/Matchless, Norton

Fit AJS/Matchless, Norton

Knee Grips (pair) Matchless

For Heavyweight Singles & Twins

Knee Grips B25/44 (pair)

Fit BSA B44/B25/A65 fibre glass tanks

Knee Grips BSA (pair)

Fit BSA A/B/C range machines pre-57

Knee Grips BSA Black (pair)

Fit BSA C15/B40/A10/A65 60-68

Knee Grips John Bull No.19 (pair)

John Bull No. 19 Knee Grips for Pre-war Sunbeam and S7/S8 and other pre war machines (Pair)

Knee Grips M20 (pair)

For BSA M20/M21/M33 rigid & plungers

Knee Grips Norton (pair)

Dominator,ES2,50,88,88SS,99, 650 and 750 Atlas models

Knee Grips Norton (pair) 2 Screw Fitting

For Norton single & twin models with twin screw attachment

Knee Grips Norton (pair) Single Screw Fitting

Pair of Norton Knee Grips for Singles with single screw fixing. Fits ES2/16H.

Knee Grips T120/140 (pair)

Pair of Triumph Knee Grips to fit T120/T140 with UK specification (1971-78). Glue on type.

Knee Grips Triumph (pair)

Triumph Knee Grips, Glue on (Pair). As fitted to T120,TR6,6T,T100 twins (1966-67). These Knee Grips can also be used on the earlier Triumph tanks (1963-65) and the later tanks from 1968 onwards for those who prefer this style of Knee pads.

Knee Grips Triumph (pair)

Pair of Triumph Knee grips to fit Tiger T20 Cub and Pre-Unit twins, such as T110,T120,TR5,TR6 etc (1958-65).

Knee Grips Triumph Late (pair)

Pair of Triumph Knee grips for T100/T120 late models, glue-on. Embossed with logo.

Knee Rubbers Triumph (pair)

Pair of Screw on type Triumph Knee Grips to fit 3TA/5TA/T100 Pre-Unit models etc. (Pair) Embossed with the Triumph logo.