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John Bull Knee Grips

Pair of John Bull No.3 Knee Grips. As fitted to Rudge-Whitworth, Brough Superior, AJS, Matchless etc models from about 1922-1934. Embossed 'Brit.Pat.163211'

Knee Grips (pair) AJS/Matchless, Norton

Fit AJS/Matchless, Norton

Knee Grips (pair) Matchless

For Heavyweight Singles & Twins

Knee Grips B25/44 (pair)

Fit BSA B44/B25/A65 fibre glass tanks

Knee Grips BSA (pair)

Fit BSA A/B/C range machines pre-57

Knee Grips BSA Black (pair)

Fit BSA C15/B40/A10/A65 60-68

Knee Grips John Bull No.19 (pair)

John Bull No. 19 Knee Grips for Pre-war Sunbeam and S7/S8 and other pre war machines (Pair)

Knee Grips M20 (pair)

For BSA M20/M21/M33 rigid & plungers

Knee Grips Norton (pair) 2 Screw Fitting

For Norton single & twin models with twin screw attachment

Knee Grips Norton (pair) Single Screw Fitting

Pair of Norton Knee Grips for Singles with single screw fixing. Fits ES2/16H.

Knee Grips T120/140 (pair)

Pair of Triumph Knee Grips to fit T120/T140 with UK specification (1971-78). Glue on type.

Knee Grips Triumph (pair)

Triumph Knee Grips, Glue on (Pair). As fitted to T120,TR6,6T,T100 twins (1966-67). These Knee Grips can also be used on the earlier Triumph tanks (1963-65) and the later tanks from 1968 onwards for those who prefer this style of Knee pads.