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The Artful Bodger - John Bradshaw & Peter Henshaw (JRB Publishing)

Book-The Artful Bodger - John Bradshaw & Peter Henshaw Softback (JRB Publishing)
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The Artful Bodger - John Bradshaw & Peter Henshaw

JRB Publishing

Written by bodgers around the world and edited by Peter Henshaw and John Bradshaw. A disparate collection of desperate tales of woe, and occasional subsequent joy. It’s actually a totally useless book, but comprised of true accounts of survived disasters collected over many years of attending Rallies, Treffens, Noggins and Trials around the world. But none of the very varied accounts to be found within are urban myths. They are not regurgitations of what my friend says his brother heard that a bloke in the pub did once. Almost all the tales were told to one of the editors directly. Classic vehicles and similar devices inspire many and varied bodges in order to keep them going and this new book is firmly based in the scene wherein the user/driver/rider/owner/victim is still able to have some control over his/her machinery. These are not useful hints & tips, but are celebrations of eccentric ingenuity. An applause for stuff that was, and occasionally still is, user-serviceable – and a protest against designed disposability.


122 pages

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