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The Vintage Motor Cycle Club

Air Filter Offset 389/689 (82-6432)

For Amal 389/689
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Exhaust Clip

O/E style chrome Exhaust clip 1 5/8" D washer type. Includes bolt. Suitable for Triumph Unit 350/500cc, Unit 650cc, BSA A7/A10 and A50/A65 but can be used on many other models.

Gear Rubber

Gearchange rubber Embossed - Twins (1956-67). Closed End.

Knee Grips Triumph (pair)

Triumph Knee Grips, Glue on (Pair). As fitted to T120,TR6,6T,T100 twins (1966-67). These Knee Grips can also be used on the earlier Triumph tanks (1963-65) and the later tanks from 1968 onwards for those who prefer this style of Knee pads.