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Clutch Plates

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AMC/Norton Clutch Pressure Plate (Wassell)

Fits AMC/Norton OEM 04-0365 (Single)

Clutch Pressure Plate (Wassell)

BSA A & B Group billet Alloy Clutch Pressure Plate. 4 Spring With Thrust Cap. Can also be used on early Triumph pre-unit models, although the 4 spring plate with adjuster is more widely used.

Triumph Clutch Plate (Wassell)

Plain Steel clutch plate . Fits BSA 4 spring models, B31,B32,B33,B44 (1958-), A7,A10 Swinging arm models (1958-62), A50,A65 (1966-72) and all Triumph Twin cylinder models (350,500,650,750cc etc) (1946-83).

Triumph Clutch Pressure Plate (Wassell)

Fits 3 spring Triumph with adjuster OEM 57-2156 (Single)