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Drive Belt Rim

V-Belt & Brake Rim
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Riders of Veteran and Vintage Motorcycles having belt drive and braking systems that use a 'V'- Rim should be aware that the transmissions and braking performance of these machines even in new conditions, is poor by todays standards. Riders are therefore advised to ride defensively and anticipate emergencies.


Material & Finishing:  18 SWG (1.2mm) Mild Steel., pickled and oiled, cosmetic finish is the responsibility of the customer.


Manufacturing method: Cold Rolled and welded.

Dimensions: 'V' groove- To suit  7/8 wide x 28°  included angle drive belts and VMCC moulded Brake Blocks. It has been found that modern 'C' section belt, as supplied by VMCC will drive satisfactorily in this profile.

Diameter x: Min 162 Max 26"

Offset A: Min 3/8, Max 1 1/2  in 1/8 increments variations to the above will be considered. 


Price will be given on application


The vmcc ltd supply specialist products to most countries, however we do not supply to Canada and The US.

For more details please contact Pete Bennett on

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