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E3L Dynamo Brush Set (Made in England)

Pair of dynamo brushes, large type.(1/2"x1/4") As fitted to Lucas E3L, E3LM and E3N Dynamos (1949-) Made in England.

Stator. Lucas, 12v, 3 Phase 14.5 amp

Genuine Lucas Classic 47244 RM24 12V 3 phase Stator. 3 lead, 3 phase 14.5 amp stator. Will Require 3 Phase Regulator/Rectifier

12V Stator. 2 Lead S/State 10A (47205) Lucas

Genuine Lucas Classic 47205 Stator. RM21 2 lead single phase 10 amp. Capable of delivering up to 30volts and current up to 20 amps at speeds of up to 10,000 RPM. Amperes: 10 Single Phase: Yes Three Phase: No. of Leads: 2.

Lucas Stator S/Phase 16amp (47239) 12v

Genuine Lucas 47239 Stator. RM23 2 lead single phase 16 amp. Capable of delivering up to 30volts and current up to 20amps, at speeds up to 10,000 RPM. Amperes: 16 Single Phase: Yes No. of Leads: 2 Voltage : 12V.

Rotor Welder Ctr (54202299) Lucas

Lucas Genuine Lucas RM20 Rotor, 6 Pole with welded 0.752" centre. This rotor supercedes all other specifications. As fitted to most British motorcycles (late 50's to 70's) equipped with alternators. no. 54202299


RECTIFIER/REGULATOR - Lucas Genuine Lucas Classic 120W (max output 160W) single phase rectifier/regulator. Designed for use with Lucas single phase stator 47205, but not suitable for high output single phase stators

S/State Rec/Reg Three Phase

12v, three phase positive or negative

S/State S/Phase Rec/Reg Pattern

12v, single phase positive or negative


Podtronics solid state, single phase rectifier/regulator.

RECTIFIER/REGULATOR - Podtronics High Output 200W

12v, Podtronics single phrase high output

Regulator 6v DC Podtronics positive

6v DC REGULATOR - Podtronics Podtronics solid state 6v DC regulator replaces mechanical cut out box, can be mounted in MCR2 casing. Earth (Pos/Neg): Positive Voltage: 6

Rectifier Positive Lucas Rep (49072)

Positive earth Lucas replica, can be replaced by WW10134

Solid State Rectifier

Replaces standard Lucas rectifier WW10135