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The Vintage Motor Cycle Club


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Clear Fuel Hose 3/16 bore

Clear Fuel Hose 3/16" bore - price per foot

Clear Fuel Hose 5/16" bore

Clear Fuel Hose 5/16" bore- Price per foot

Black Rubber Ethanol Resistant 5/16" Fuel Hose

Premium Quality Black Fuel Hose
Ethanol Resistant.
Price per foot Suitable for use with Fuel and Oil.

Oil Hose 3/8"

3/8' Black Reinforced Oil Hose Not Ethanol Proof Sold per foot
£1.50 £0.90

OIL Hose 5/16"

Oil Hose 5/6"
Not suitable for ethanol fuel
£1.70 £0.90