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Ignition Systems/ Coils/Spark Plugs etc

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Contact set -Triumph

Genuine Lucas Classic Contact Set 400415. As fitted to Lucas DX Distributor for Triumph 500/650 (5T/6T) Twins (1953-59). Also fits various Norton, Enfield, Panther, Matchless, Ariel Square 4 models etc

Contact set -Triumph

Genuine Lucas Contact Set. Fits BSA, Norton and Triumph Twins (1968-72) 6.C.A. including :- BSA A50/A65, Norton Commando 750's, and Triumph T120 Unit models (1968-72).

Contact set -Triumph/Norton

Genuine Lucas Contact Set. Fits Norton Twins (1973-1975) and Triumph Twins (1973-78) 8.C.A.

MAGNETO CABLE - A.J.S, Ariel, BSA, Matchless, Norton

Bsa, Norton, AJS, Ariel Outer Length: 39'

Advance & Retard Spring

Advance & Retard Spring

Condenser - Triumph/BSA/Norton

Replica Lucas Condenser. Fits Triumph 3TA/5TA (1957-63), T100A/6T (1960-62), Norton 50/88/99/ES2 distributor models and BSA B31 distributor models.

Condenser - Triumph/BSA/Norton/AMC

Genuine Lucas Classic Condenser. As fitted to BSA C11G (1954-58) and C12 (1954-58) models, and various Triumph,Ariel,Enfield models AMC alternator singles (pre 1964) Later Norton singles ES2 etc Also replaces LU420302,LU54413002.


Lucas No. 425377


Lucas No. 54420128


Lucas No. 54441582

Condensor Villiers 6v

Villiers No. M1750

Magneto cable grommet

Magneto Advance Grommet (Wassell)

Clip on HT Pick Up

PICK UP CLIP ON Clip on HT pick up K1F/K2F fits left and right hand applications

HT Lead Washers - Lucas (Pair)

Genuine Lucas Classic Brass HT Lead washers for the Lucas Clip on Pick Ups. Sold as a pair

Screw on HT Pick Up

PICK UP SCREW ON Screw on HT Pick-up for Lucas K2F/K1F and K2FC Magnetos. Fits right and left. Fits BSA,Triumph and Norton.

Screw on HT Pick Up

PICK UP MAG DYNO - Lucas Screw on Lucas type pick-up for KN1/KNV Mag/Dynos. Fits left and right hand.

Bakelite End Cover K2F (458619)

BAKERLITE END COVER - Lucas Bakerlite end cover for Lucas K2F magneto with cut out

Mag/Dyno Points Cover

Mag/Dyno Points Cover (Wassell)

Mag/Dyno Points Cover Clip

Mag/Dyno Points Cover Clip (Wassell)

Champion Spark Plug D16 (18mm).

Fitment includes : AJS/Matchless/Ariel SV models (18mm), various Villiers models including :- Junior de-Luxe,8D,9D etc OEM: D16,7

Champion Spark Plug L86C

L86C, 14mm Fitment includes : BSA Bantam D1 (pre 1954),M21, AJS/Matchless 350cc models(1946),