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Ignition Systems/ Coils/Spark Plugs etc

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Contact set -Triumph

Genuine Lucas Classic Contact Set 400415. As fitted to Lucas DX Distributor for Triumph 500/650 (5T/6T) Twins (1953-59). Also fits various Norton, Enfield, Panther, Matchless, Ariel Square 4 models etc
£8.95 £5.50

Contact set -Triumph/Norton

Genuine Lucas Contact Set. Fits Norton Twins (1973-1975) and Triumph Twins (1973-78) 8.C.A.
£12.50 £6.50

Advance & Retard Spring

Advance & Retard Spring

Condenser - Triumph/BSA/Norton/AMC

Genuine Lucas Classic Condenser. As fitted to BSA C11G (1954-58) and C12 (1954-58) models, and various Triumph,Ariel,Enfield models AMC alternator singles (pre 1964) Later Norton singles ES2 etc Also replaces LU420302,LU54413002.
£7.15 £4.00


Genuine Lucas Classic Condensor. Fits BSA Unit singles 1968 onwards , Triumph Trophy TR25 and Triumph T140 Bonneville 1973-75 models. Made in Japan.
£12.50 £6.00

Magneto cable grommet

Magneto Advance Grommet
£1.75 £0.95

Screw on HT Pick Up

PICK UP MAG DYNO - Lucas Screw on Lucas type pick-up for KN1/KNV Mag/Dynos. Fits left and right hand.
£9.95 £4.95

Plug Covers

Non resistor type
£1.95 £0.95

Spark Plug Cap & HT Lead

Comes with plug cap
£8.50 £3.95

H.T. Lead, Black copper cored

Copper core (Price per foot)
£1.43 £0.90

Universal 12v Twin Lead Ignition Coil

Universal 12v twin lead ignition coil
£42.95 £19.95

Villiers Ignition Coil (Short type)

Villiers Ignition Coil (Short type)
£21.16 £9.95