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Replica Smiths Trip reset knob to suit 3" magnetic clocks installed on most British motorcycles after 1964.
Suitable for gauges with the adjustment from the side of the instrument body.
OEM: 99-0176
£5.35 £3.00

Tachometer - Triumph/BSA/Norton 1978 onwards. Veglia Type, Black face. Drive Ratio 4 - 1

BSA/Norton (1978 onwards)/Triumph Tachometer (Wassell)
£62.15 £20.00

mounting bracket tacho/speedo

Chrome mounting bracket for late BSA/Triumph models. Fitted on Triumph TR6/T120 etc Oil in frame, and BSA A65 OIF models.
£12.50 £6.50

Mounting bracket tacho/speedo

Chrome Speedometer Mounting Bracket for the small Smiths speedo (60mm). As fitted to Triumph T25,TR5T and BSA B25,B50 models (1971-73)
£12.50 £6.50

rubber binnacle

Rubber binnacle for Triumph TR6/T120/T140, OIF T160 and late BSA models including A65 OIF, speedometer mountings.
£6.30 £2.50

rubber binnacle - BSA B25/B50 / Triumph speedometer and tachometer mounting

BINNACLE - BSA/TRIUMPH Rubber binnacle for BSA/Triumph with small diameter speedometers and tachometers. 2-1/2". This binnacle fits in the chrome bracket that is retained by the fork top nut. It fit's the small 60mm clocks used on late Triumph/BSA singles (1971-) such as T25SS,T25T and all the BSA B25 and B50 variants.
£5.75 £2.50