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Tachometer head, Black face (1971-72), With Bulb & Socket Holder.

Universal trails footrests

Pair of Universal trails footrests (spring loaded folding type)

BSA Rubber Binnacle (Wassell)

Fits BSA B25/B44/A50/A65 speedometer/tachometer

BSA/Norton (1978 onwards)/Triumph Tachometer

BSA/Norton (1978 onwards)/Triumph Tachometer (Wassell)

BSA/Triumph Mounting Bracket For Speedometer/Tachometer (Wassell)

Chrome mounting bracket for late BSA/Triumph models. Fitted on Triumph TR6/T120 etc Oil in frame, and BSA A65 OIF models.

BSA/Triumph Rubber Binnacle (Wassell)

Rubber binnacle for Triumph TR6/T120/T140, OIF T160 and late BSA models including A65 OIF, speedometer mountings.

Handlebar Bolt - BSA/Triumph (Wassell)

Stainless Steel handlebar clamp bolt

Handlebar Bolt - BSA/Triumph (Wassell)

Chrome handlebar clamp bolt

Norton/Triumph Speedometer (Wassell)

Replacement magnetic Speedometer head Veglia type. Fits Triumph T140 (1978 onwards). MPH. Drive ratio 1.25-1/ 15-12. Diameter : Aprox 3-1/4" Chrome bezel

Smiths Type Speedometer (Wassell)

Speedometer head, Grey face. Triumph models (1966-70), With Bulb & Socket Holder. Drive Ratio 1.25-1/ 15-12. MPH