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Oil Filters/Sump Plates

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Oil Filter Matchless WD Models

Suitable for WD Models
£8.90 excl tax

BSA M20 Oil Filter 66-8359

Oil Filter Element - BSA BSA M20/M21/M23/M33 Oil Filter Element for models with 2 1/2" hinged wing oil tank cap.
£12.50 excl tax

Champion Oil Filter

OIL FILTER - Champion Genuine Champion Oil Filter for Norton Commando 750 and 850 models. Can be used with Oil Filter Mounting block 06-3139 (WW27985) for many British motorcycles with dry sump and separate oil tanks.
£7.10 excl tax

filter mounting head

For Commando. Accepts spin-on filter 06-3371 (WW97028 & WW97028C). Can be fitted to return oil lines on many British motorcycles where a replaceable filter is not used. Ideal for motorcycles with dry sump and separate oil tanks.
£17.50 excl tax

Oil Filter BSA/Tri Triples (70-6571)

Trident/Triples Oil Tank filter. Fits BSA A75 Rocket 3 and Triumph T150/T160 and X75 Hurricane models (1965 on).
£6.25 excl tax

Oil Filter Element BSA (19-4589)

Filter element fits BSA Unit Singles Fits BSA B25/B25T/B25SS/B50 (1971 on), and Triumph T25SS and TR7/T140 models. Length : 2-11/16" Outer Diameter : 1-3/4"
£7.50 excl tax

Oil Tank Filter (82-3179)

Oil tank filter for BSA C15/B40/B44 and Triumph 350/500/650 twin cylinder models, such as 3TA,5TA,T100,Tiger 110,Bonneville,T120,Trophy TR5/TR6.
£17.50 excl tax

Oil Tank Filter A & B Group (42-8334)

Fits BSA A & B Group Swing Arm Models
£24.50 excl tax

Oil Tanker Filter BSA (82-9071)

Fits BSA C11/C25/B25/B44 and A10 Plunger models. Made in England.
£21.95 excl tax

Sump Filter Gauze BSA (71-1126) SS

Fits BSA A Group Twins
£7.12 excl tax

Sump Filter Tri 350/500 (70-3722)

Conical filter fits Triumph 350/500 Twins
£17.50 excl tax

Sump Gauze T140 (83-4783)

Fits Triumph T140
£22.00 excl tax

sump plate

BSA A7/A10/A50/A65, finned alloy sump plate with magnetic drain plug. High quality pressure die cast product.
£28.75 excl tax


Fits B/M Group
£28.75 excl tax

Triumph Sump Plate

Triumph Pre Unit Sump Plate
£34.95 excl tax