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Biker Tool Kit

28 Piece Tool Kit

Solo Brake Bleeder

Single Person Brake Bleeding Kit. A quick and easy single-handed method to bleed your brake system Universal fitment with securing clips included clear tubing to see air bubbles leaving the master cylinder One-way alloy valve prevents air being drawn into the system
£14.99 £9.99

Underseat Tool Kit

Biker Toolkit (Oxford Products)

Whitworth Combination set

6 pieces spanner set

Whitworth Spanner Set

Open end, 6 pieces

Chain Breaker

Chain Breaker (Renold G Clamp type). Suitable for use with 420,428,520,530 Standard chains. Please note : Pin breakage may occur if not properly adjusted prior to use!

Circlip Plier Set

Interchangeable jaws for internal & external

Fertan Rust Converter

Chemically converts rust to a surface suitable for painting (250ml) Water Based Products Which Chemically Converts Rust Into A Bronze Iron/Tannin Surface. (250ml)

Tappet Adjustment tool Triumph,BSA,Norton

Ideal for use with Triumph,BSA,Norton models with 5/16" tappet screws.

Valve Guide Drift Tool 5/16" (8mm).

Valve Guide Drift Tool 5/16" (8mm).

Chaincase Cap removal tool

Chaincase Cap removal tool

Clutch Hub Centre Puller.

Clutch Hub Centre Puller.