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Burton Multigrade 10/40W Oil

Available in 1Ltr and 5Ltr Sizes for delivery or collection.

A semi synthetic multigrade engine and gearbox oil. The specification is JASO MA2-MA API SL

Blended especially for motorcycles where the same oil is lubricating the gears and clutch.

This is a carefully blended oil, ideal for your mid 1970’s onwards motorcycle where 10w/40 was stipulated by the manufacturer.

10w/40 BurtonOil can withstand the harshest treatment you give your machine whilst riding on the road and easily keeps all those moving parts sliding over each other and in the finest condition.
From £11.75

Wakefield 2 Stroke Mineral Oil

1Lr Wakefield 2 Stroke Mineral Oil

Blended using mineral base oils.

JASO FB, ISO EGB, API TC, Increased lubricity, detergency and initial torque.

Reduce exhaust smoke and exhaust system blocking over previous blends.

Suitable for lower performance less stressed engines Can be used in pre-mix and pumped systems.

A good bog standard 2 stroke oil.

Cotswold 75/90w Gear Oil

1 Lr Cotswold 75/90w Gear Oil

This is a universal extreme pressure gear oil meeting the API performance level GL-4.

It is manufactured from high quality base oils and high levels of extreme pressure (EP) additives to provide a lubricant with outstanding anti-wear protection. It is designed to cope with the increasing demands of modern motoring conditions, which include high shock load, high torque and high speed service conditions.

Chain Oil

Excellent non fling characteristics
Good oxidation stability
Good low temperature stability
Works well with auto chain lube pumps etc.